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APM terminals Mobile Port Outgate Expansion Project to begin Mon. 8/27/2018

25 Aug 2018 11:00 AM | Timothy Otzenberger (Administrator)

Outbound Gate Expansion Project will begin MONDAY, 8/27/2018.

We are expanding the outbound gate to include 2 additional lanes. We are extremely thrilled to announce that this expansion project will officially be underway on Monday, August 27, 2018.

Contractors will be working on the ground in and around the gate area throughout the duration of the project. Please be aware of this soon-to-be active construction zone, beginning Monday, 8/27/2018. 

Please assist us in educating ALL drivers to be exercise extreme caution in the gate area at all times. Again, there will be contractors physically on the ground in very close proximity to the exit lanes. 


The construction zone will be set up to the immediate right of the existing 4 outbound lanes. The working area will be sectioned off MONDAY similar to the area indicated above (in red). This image is for clarification purposes only and is not entirely to scale.

This will eliminate the bypass lane. ALL OTR drivers exiting the terminal in-gauge will exit through one of the outbound gate lanes. To further clarify, bob-tails and bare chassis must exit through one of the four gate lanes, as there will no longer be a bypass lane. 

At times during this project, the perimeter of this zone can/will be extended further as the project progresses. We will provide additional updates for any and all changes to the construction area and/or traffic flow. 


Please help ensure that all parties are aware of the project and reiterate how imperative it will be for all to remain alert and cautious during this time.

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